Regional Transportation Plan


The Regional Transportation Plan – Skagit 2040 – is a multi-modal plan that establishes the strategic framework for meeting the Skagit region’s existing and future transportation needs. Developed through extensive public input and inter-agency coordination, Skagit 2040 provides a methodology for facilitating cooperation and maximizing resources for priority transportation projects through 2040.

Skagit 2040 complies with federal requirements for a metropolitan transportation plan and state requirements for a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP provides a long-range look into the region’s transportation needs, and includes the transportation projects and strategies capable of meeting those needs.

Skagit 2040 also includes a financial assessment of in the Skagit region’s transportation network, forecasting revenues and expenses over the planning period to assist in determining what the region can reasonably expect to fund over the RTP’s planning horizon.  Several financial strategies are provided in Skagit 2040 to be used as tools for finding additional funds for existing and future transportation needs.

the plan

Skagit 2040 – Regional Transportation Plan