Human Services Transportation Plan


Skagit Council of Governments (SCOG) staff led the update of the Skagit-Island county coordinated public transit-human services transportation in 2014.  The Skagit Island Human Services Transportation Plan (HSTP) identifies transportation needs of seniors, persons with disabilities, and persons with low incomes; provides strategies and activities to address those needs;and prioritizes regional projects for funding and implementation.

An 11-member committee representing special needs population across the region designed the planning process for the HSTP update. The committee included representatives from transit agencies, public school transportation services, local tribes, private non-profits, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Public outreach for the plan update included gather inputs at several annual events, ride-along surveys with paratransit riders, focus group meetings and paper-electronic surveys.

Human Services Transportation Plan

The HSTP was approved in December 2014 by the Skagit-Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization Policy Board, and that document as well as its appendix can be found below:

Skagit-Island Human Services Transportation Plan

Skagit-Island Human Services Transportation Plan – Appendix

Skagit-Island Human Services Transportation Plan – Appendix (printer-friendly version)