2016 Annual Report

The Skagit Council of Governments’ annual report for last year is now available.  The report provides an overview of what occurred in SCOG’s major program areas, budget information and what is coming in 2017.

As SCOG is now 50 years old as an organization, the report includes a history of SCOG over the past 50 years.

2016 Annual Report

Environmental Justice Assessment of SCOG Project Selections

Every few years, SCOG conducts an assessment of projects that have received federal funds through SCOG selection processes to ensure that SCOG decisions are not having a disproportionately high and adverse impact on minority and low-income populations in Skagit County.  The most recent assessment has just been completed and is available here:

Environmental Justice Assessment of Transportation Alternatives Program & Surface Transportation Program Projects Awarded SCOG Federal Funds in Skagit County – June 2014-May 2017

Note: the three-year assessment time frame corresponds to SCOG’s update to the nondiscrimination program anticipated to occur in May, therefore the assessment extends into May 2017.  No further project selection decisions are expected until after May 2017.


April 2017 Regional Transportation Improvement Program Amendment

SCOG has received a request to amend the 2017-2022 Regional Transportation Improvement Program. The public is encouraged to review the proposed amendment and submit any written comments to Gabe Philips by noon on April 12, 2017. Written comments will be included in the information packet distributed to Transportation Policy Board members prior to their April 19, 2017 meeting. The public will also have the opportunity to comment at the Transportation Policy Board meeting, but written comments are preferred.

This public notice of public involvement activities and time established for public review and comments on the TIP development process will satisfy the Federal Transit Administration’s Program of Projects requirements.

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2016 Annual Listing of Federal Obligations

Federal regulations (23 CFR 450.332) require SCOG, in cooperation with Skagit Transit and WSDOT, to develop and publish a listing of projects within the Skagit region for which federal transportation funds were obligated during the preceding program year. The 2016 Annual Listing of Federal Obligations for the Skagit Council of Governments (SCOG) details the federal transportation funds that were obligated in calendar year 2016 in the Skagit region.


Over three-quarters of the federal funds obligated in the Skagit region in 2016 were utilized for maintenance and/or preservation projects. The majority of these obligations were from Skagit County’s BNSF bridge replacement project and various WSDOT paving projects.

It is important to note that the Annual Listing of Federal Obligations does not give a full accounting of all funds used for transportation purposes in the Skagit region. State and local agency funds are not included in the Annual Listing of Federal Obligations. For example, the Sharpes Corner Intersection project, which was funded as part of the Washington State Legislature’s Connecting Washington legislative package, has utilized state transportation dollars that are not accounted for in the Annual Listing of Federal Obligations. Similarly, local transportation funds, predominantly used for maintenance of the transportation system, are also not included in the Annual Listing of Federal Obligations. If these funds were included, the chart above could portray an even higher proportion of funds allocated to maintenance and preservation purposes.


For more information regarding the federal fund obligations for transportation projects that occurred in 2016, click on the link below.

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North Cascades Highway Clearing to begin on April 10

NorthCascadesSnowRemovalThe Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) expects to begin clearing snow from SR 20, the North Cascades Highway, on April 10, 2017. Due to the large accumulation of snow through the mountains last winter the work to clear the mountain highway is beginning a month later than normal. In some places, the snow is 25 feet deep over the highway! As a result, the clearing work could take up to 8 weeks. For more information, visit the North Cascades Highway webpage.

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