Growth Management Act Steering Committee

The Growth Management Act Steering Committee (GMASC) is the governing body of the Growth Management Act Committee – a planning organization composed of cities, towns and Skagit County.  An agreement, executed in 2002, established the Growth Management Act Committee and its steering and advisory committees.  The GMASC develops recommendations on countywide planning policies, urban growth areas, and employment and population allocations to the Board of Skagit County Commissioners.  A technical advisory committee provides advice to the GMASC and is composed of planning staffs from member jurisdictions.

The GMASC sets the annual work program and budget for each calendar year. Meetings of the GMASC occur no less than once per year and are scheduled as necessary.  More meetings are scheduled as the work program warrants, typically when there is consideration of modifying countywide planning policies or urban growth areas.

The Skagit Council of Governments (SCOG) provide administrative and staff support, technical studies and other work as set forth in the annual work program through an interlocal agreement between SCOG and member jurisdictions of the Growth Management Act Committee.

The GMASC is composed of mayors and commissioners from the following jurisdictions:

  • Skagit County – 3 County Commissioners
  • City of Anacortes – Mayor
  • City of Burlington – Mayor
  • City of Mount Vernon – Mayor
  • City of Sedro-Woolley – Mayor
  • Town of Hamilton – Mayor
  • Town of La Conner – Mayor