Acronyms and Definitions

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
ADT – Average Daily Traffic
AMPO – Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization
ATA – American Trucking Association
AVO – Average Vehicle Occupancy
BIA – Bureau of Indian Affairs
CAC – Citizens’ Advisory Committee
CPG – Consolidated Planning Grant
CRAB – County Road Administration Board
DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprises
DOT – Department of Transportation
EDASC – Economic Development Association of Skagit County
EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment
EIS – Environmental Impact Statement
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
ETC – Election Toll Collection
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FAST – Future Agenda for Suburban Transportation
FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
FLHP – Federal Lands Highway Program
FTA – Federal Transit Authority
GIS – Geographic Information Systems
GMA – Growth Management Act
HCM – Highway Capacity Manual
HOV – High Occupancy Vehicles
HSS – Highways of Statewide Significance
IMS – Intermodal Management System
IRR – Indian Reservation Roads Program
ISTEA – Inter-modal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 System
ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems
LOS – Level of Service
LRP – Long Range Plan
LTP – Long Term Plan
MOE – Measures of Effectiveness
MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization
MTP – Metropolitan Transportation Plan
NCHRP – National Cooperative Highway Research Program
NHS – National Highway System
OFM – Office of Financial Management
OMB – Office of Management and Budget
PIP – Public Involvement Plan
PPP – Public Participation Plan
PTBA – Public Transportation Benefit Area
RCW – Revised Code of Washington
RFP – Request for Proposal
RTA – Regional Transportation Authority
RTP – Regional Transportation Plan
RTPO – Regional Transportation Planning Organization
SAO – State Auditor’s Office
SCOA – Skagit Council on Aging
SBDC – Small Business Development Center
SCOG – Skagit Council of Governments
SCORE – Service Corp. of Retired Executives
SHSP – State Highway Systems Plan
SIRTPO – Skagit-Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization
SKAT – Skagit Transit
STIP – Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
STP – Surface Transportation Program
STAA – Surface Transportation Assistance Act
TAC – Technical Advisory Committee
TAZ – Traffic Analysis Zone
TPB – Transportation Policy Board
TDM –  Transportation Demand Management
TEA-21 –  Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century
TIP – Transportation Improvement Program
UGA – Urban Growth Area
UPWP – Unified Planning Work Program
USDOT – United States Department of Transportation
UZA – Urbanized Area
VMT – Vehicles Miles Traveled
WSDOT – Washington State Department of Transportation
WSTA – Washington State Transit Association
WTP – Washington Transportation Plan