Public Participation Documents Available

The Skagit Council of Governments (SCOG) is in the process of a periodic review of our public participation plan (PPP) to ensure a full and open participation process.  SCOG has contracted with EnviroIssues, a consultant specializing in public involvement, to evaluate the PPP and recommend revisions as appropriate.

As part of this process, EnviroIssues just completed an assessment of the PPP.  Their assessment also includes an appendix summarizing all the comments received during recent public participation interviews, which helped inform their work.  At the November 19th meeting of SCOG’s Transportation Policy Board, Justin McCaffree with EnviroIssues presented their work done to-date.

Please contact SCOG’s Mark Hamilton at or (360) 416-7876 if you have any comments on these documents that you would like shared with EnviroIssues.  They will begin working on drafting revisions to the PPP soon and we should have draft PPP revisions before SCOG’s Transportation Policy Board for their meeting on December 17th.  The earliest any action could be taken on a revised PPP is February 18th, 2015 following a 45-day public review and comment period.