STP Call for Projects Clarification

At the June MPO/RTPO Policy Board meeting, the Surface Transportation Program (STP) project selection criteria was approved. One nuance of the approval was that 10% of the total STP allocation will be set aside for non-roadway projects (trail, sidewalk, transit, programs, etc.). The non-roadway projects will be ranked separately from the roadway projects, the top non-roadway projects receiving funding until the set aside is exhausted. At that point, the non-roadway projects will be scored on equal terms with the roadway projects. In order to prevent a large project tying up more than 10% of the STP funds prior to any regular roadway projects being ranked, a cap has been placed on the non-roadway maximum request of 10% of the annual STP allocation multiplied by two.

Financial Details

  • Annual STP allocation: $1,526,547
  • Urban allocation: $997,771
  • Rural allocation: $466,127
  • “Flex” allocation: $62,649
  • Non-roadway project cap (annual allocation x 10% x 2): $305,310
  • Maximum cumulative request for urban agencies ((urban allocation + flex allocation) x 2): $2,120,840
  • Maximum cumulative request for rural agencies ((rural allocation + flex allocation) x 2): $1,057,552

Agencies may still submit multiple non-roadway project applications at the maximum request level, as long as their cumulative request does not exceed the urban/rural limit. For example, a rural agency can apply for three non-roadway projects totaling $915,930 but not four non-roadway projects totaling $1,221,240. They also may not request one non-roadway project that is larger than $305,310.

Completed STP Project Applications are due, in electronic format, to Gabe Philips on July 25.

Please contact Gabe Philips if you have any questions.