2015 UPWP Approved

IMG_20140513_082405The 2015 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for Skagit Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Skagit-Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) has been approved. The UPWP includes all of the planning tasks that Skagit MPO and Skagit-Island RTPO will perform in State Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015). Some of the major work tasks are highlighted below:

  • Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update – The RTP update for Skagit and Island Counties is scheduled to be adopted in August 2015. A large portion of SCOG’s resources will be devoted to the development of the update in the next year.
  • Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (HSTP) – The HSTP is scheduled to be updated in December 2014. Staff time and consultant fees are budgeted for this work task.
  • Skagit County Rail Crossing Study – SCOG plans to hire a consultant to analyze the impacts of increased rail traffic on at-grade crossings within Skagit County.

In July SCOG will prepare an annual report on the 2014 UPWP. This report will document the tasks completed and funds spent from the 2014 UPWP.