Draft 2015 Unified Planning Work Program

The Draft 2015 Skagit-Island Unified Planing Work Program (UPWP) is available for public review. It is anticipated that this document will be approved by the Skagit Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board and the Island Sub-Regional Transportation Planning Organization Policy Board at their respective May meetings.

Through federal legislation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) exist throughout the United States in all urbanized areas with populations greater than 50,000 people. MPOs are given the authority to prioritize, plan and program transportation projects for federal funding in metropolitan areas. The UPWP highlights the expected transportation planning activities of the Skagit MPO and Skagit-Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SIRTPO) and their associated budgets for state fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015).

To comment on the work activities highlighted in the UPWP, simply leave a comment on this post or contact the SCOG office or Island County public works.